Friday, 11 October 2013

Recent Drugstore Beauty Purchases ♡

Before college today I took a little trip to Boots and Superdrug, as I haven't actually bought anything beauty related in such a long time so I decided to try out some new products (and revisit some old ones).

((Lots of the pictures in this post have decided to go blurry for absolutely no reason, they're absolutely fine but as soon as I put them into the post they go blurry, waaaah :( sorry!))

Lee Stafford Hair Care

I've been wanting to try some Argan Oil related hair products for such a long time now but honestly I've just never felt like I had enough money. However, I have made a promise to myself to look after my hair more, and with an offer in Boots that allowed me to get all of these products for just £20, I couldn't resist. I decided upon getting the Deep Nourishing Treatment (usually £14.99), Curl Creme (I can't find this online :() and the Nourishing Conditioner (usually £10.99). I was really pleased with the saving that I managed to make, and i'm so excited to start using these products and actually taking good care of my hair!

Aussie Leave-In Conditioner

I got this from Superdrug on offer for around £2.50, which I thought was good value for an Aussie product. I have used some of their conditioners in the past and they have always made my hair really lovely and soft, so I decided to pick up one of their spray conditioners. It is absolutely vital for me to use one of these types of products, as my hair gets so tangled after it has been washed and it is an absolute nightmare to try and run a brush through. I have used this a couple of times and it makes my hair feel really silky and lightweight - plus, it smells like bubblegum!

Got2B Dry Oil Mist

Sticking to the topic of hair care, I also picked this up from Superdrug for around £4. I've never actually seen a 'dry oil mist' around before, but it was so new and intriguing that I just had to get it. I've used this a couple of times and noticed that it makes my hair a lot shinier, but I haven't noticed a huge difference to the feel of my hair.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I wish I knew how many times I have purchased this concealer. I don't even know what more to say about it, sometimes I feel like I mention it too much on here, but it's just great and I can't imagine ever stopping using it.

Natural Collection White Eyeliner

I like to use a white eyeliner on my waterline every single day just to open my eyes slightly and make them appear a bit brighter and more awake. My MUA one had been worn down to the tiniest little stub of pencil, so I decided to splash out an extra £2 and pick up a new one.

Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser

I have been looking for a new moisturiser for a while now, as my skin has gone craaaazy now that the weather has turned colder and it is much more prone to dryness and patchy areas. Thankfully, Andrew and Danni on Twitter suggested that I tried this product by Good Things, so I decided to pick it up today and give it a go. I've never tried anything from this brand before but I've heard good reviews so i'm intrigued to try it!

Do you have any recommendations of products that I should try? Have you tried out any of these products before? Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Great haul, I love GoodThings skincare.

  2. I love Lee Stafford products! :) I have yet to try the argan serie but I think I will, I'm just a bit scared over all the hype of argan oil since I have pure argan oil and it haven't done any wonders like that for me - yet at least x

    1. These are the first Lee Stafford products I have tried! I'd recommend that you give it a go, I've been using these products recently and I love them, they make my hair feel so soft and looked after :) x