Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Autumn Tag ♡

I have been tagged by the lovely blusherandbronze to complete The Autumn Tag! This makes me so happy as I absolutely love autumn and i'm honestly having way too much fun changing my wardrobe over from summer to autumn.

Favourite thing about Autumn

My favourite thing about Autumn is being able to wear slouchy fit jumpers! It's such a simple thing but it's so comfy and cosy, it makes me so happy!

Favourite drink

Definitely tea! Milk, no sugar. This isn't specific to Autumn at all though to be honest, I drink excessive amounts of tea all year round!

Favourite scent/candle

I haven't really had chance to try lots of Yankee Candles, but I absolutely love 'fluffy towels', it's such a lovely, clean scent.

Best lipstick?

I love wearing 'Hot Tahiti' by MAC in Autumn. It's such a beautiful berry colour.

Go-to moisturiser?

My go-to moisturiser is definitely the Simple Rich Moisturiser. It feels so great on my skin and it has a budget friendly price which is great too.

Go-to colour for the eyes?

I'm going to try and experiment with eyeshadows a lot more this autumn, I need to become more comfortable with smoky eye looks! I love using shades such as 'Half Baked' and 'Smog' by Urban Decay.

Favourite music to listen to?

In Autumn I love listening to acoustic-y, slow songs. Some of my favourites are:

#3 - Lewis Watson
All I Want - Kodaline
Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin

Favourite outfit to wear?

I love just wearing a big baggy jumper with jeans or leggings. It's so simple but so easy and comfortable.

Autumn treat?

I currently have my eye on a beautiful coat from Miss Selfridge, so I think that will end up being my Autumn treat to myself. That and excessive amounts of biscuits.

Favourite place to be

In Autumn, my favourite place to be is wrapped up in bed on my laptop (surprise) with a cup of tea and rain hitting the window. So cliche but so so perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this tag! I tag everyone so please feel free to take part, and if you do post your links in the comments, i'd love to read them!!


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