Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Jewellery Haul | Primark, Miss Selfridge, H&M ♡

I've never really been one to accessorize, therefore I made a vow to myself to really branch out and expand my jewellery collection. Thankfully, I managed to find some really nice pieces on the high street recently!



I absolutely love this, it's so different! The colours of the stones are so so pretty, I especially love the turquoise colour. Along with this, the silver pattern is also so cute. It is so much easier to make a statement with this piece, as it is so eye catching and really makes an outfit. I think this cost around £3!


These rings came in a pack of 4, I think they were only 2 or 3 pounds! For ages I've wanted to wear more rings as I think they look so so pretty, especially when you wear quite a few at once. Again, I really like the turquoise stone used in this ring.


I was immediately drawn to this necklace by the detailing of the cute little charms adorned on the silver chain. I think it only cost around £2.50; such a bargain for such a pretty necklace!

New Look


As soon as I saw this ring in New Look, I knew I had to have it. The colour of the stone is so pretty and I love the pattern as well. I think this only cost £3.99!



At the very start of summer I actually bought some really nice vintage style sunglasses from Ebay, however they broke within the first fortnight of me owning them, so I set my sights on purchasing some new ones that would hopefully stay in one piece long enough for me to actually wear them. After a good ten minutes trying on pretty much every style of sunglasses, I settled on these ones. Not only do they look really nice on, they are so comfortable and don't cause that horrible headache that some sunglasses do. I have taken to wearing them on my head when my hair is looking particularly flat, and I actually really like the look of it. As I only payed £6.99 for these, I am very happy!

Urban Outfitters


I got these earrings in the Urban Outfitters sale for just £3 and they're so so cute! They're quite different and I don't think I've seen any like this anywhere before so I'm really glad I picked these up!

River Island


This necklace feels so chunky and expensive, when I actually only picked it up for £3. This adds so much emphasis to an outfit, especially when paired with a plain top or dress. The design reminds me a bit of the tribal trend, as it is quite edgy.

Miss Selfridge

Flower Crown

I've fallen for the flower crown hype! I tried to resist it for such a long time but they're so cute and pretty. I especially love this one as it isn't too "in your face" and it is perfect for summer/festival times. Plus, it was just £5!


I've definitely left the best till last with this necklace. I can't believe how lucky I've been as it was only £5 in the sale! I love this so much, everything about it is so incredibly pretty and the intricate detail just completely makes it for me. This necklace will brighten up even the plainest of outfits and I can't wait to wear it!


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  1. I love your river island necklace - and so cheap! Jealous!
    Lydia Rose

    1. Ah thank you, they had some really nice jewellery in their sale actually!X

  2. I adore the cuff & necklace in the post, their detailing is gorgeous!

    1. (The necklace at the bottom, oopsie! xxx)

    2. I know, I can't believe that necklace was only £5!Xxx

  3. I love that floral headband!