Friday, 3 May 2013

Rimmel Apocalips | Nude Eclipse ♡

I'm so late joining in on the hype with the Rimmel Apocalips range, but I was intrigued to read reviews about them before purchasing, as I wasn't too sure if there were any shades that would suit me.
Earlier in the week, ASOS held a 24-hour beauty sale, in which the Rimmel Apocalips were included at just £4 with free delivery; so I couldn't resist getting one for myself!

Some of the shades in the Apocalips range are absolutely incredibly loud and bright, especially Big Bang! I tend to stick to nude-pinky shades, as I am not too daring with lip colour yet! Nude Eclipse is perfect for me as it is a really dusky pink-nude colour that is really moisturising and easy to apply. It has the properties of a liquid lipstick, however it is not at all too thick or greasy.
It lasts for a good few hours, but obviously re-applying is necessary after drinking or eating.
Overall, i'm really glad I finally have this product and I am a little intrigued to branch out into some of the brighter colours!

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