Saturday, 6 April 2013

Primark & H&M Haul | April 2013 ♡

Yesterday I took a trip to Primark; as there isn't one where I live and I only go two or three times a year! Normally i'm not too impressed with Primark and end up only buying a single top, but they seem to be really on point with the trends at the moment and I ended up picking up a few pieces that I really like!
I also went into H&M and got  top that I like, however I had to actually look around the shop twice to find it!

Necklace - Primark

I really like statement necklaces at the moment, so I was so happy when I found this for just £3! I also really like the aztec/tribal theme of the detailing. This will look so nice with a plain top.

The Beatles Tee - Primark

I do in fact listen to and love The Beatles, so I deem it acceptable that I have bought a t-shirt with them on. I love the oversized-ness of this, and rolled up sleeves always look so nice on basic t-shirts. It's such great value at £8, and it will be great to just throw on over leggings or skinny jeans!

Black Cropped Tee - Primark

I've wanted a plain cropped t-shirt for quite a while now, and for £3 I couldn't not buy one. The rolled up sleeves are a really nice addition to this tee too. I think that the necklace featured at the beginning of this post will look really really nice with this top.

Lace Collar Blouse - Primark

I love blouses with lace detailing, so this caught my eye straight away. It's also really long and floaty, which I really like... and it was just £8! The only thing is that I seem to have picked up one with a little pull in the back of it :( but i'll still make sure I get my wear out of it.

Black Skinny Jeans - Primark

For just £11, Primark skinny jeans are an absolute bargain. Black skinny jeans can be used against leggings, as they go really nicely with tops like blouses.

Studded Black Leather Bag - Primark

This bag will be perfect for school, and especially college when I start in late August. It has lots of room and a longer adjustable strap, which I really like, and it was just £12!

Black Studded Satchel - Primark

I bought this with the intention of using it for school, just like the last bag featured in this post. It will also be nice to use at the weekend, as it is a really cute twist on a classic satchel. (and it was just £9)

Ditsy Floral Bedding - Primark

I've never really looked in the 'home' section of Primark before, but I managed to find this really cute duvet cover. I'm getting my room decorated at the moment, so it will look so cute when it is finished.

Lace Blouse - H&M

Lace is one of my favourite trends. This blouse is really sheer, so will require a thin vest top to be worn underneath it. It has a sort of cropped-fit, but it is really nice and really flattering. This blouse was £14.99.

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  1. Primark looks like they have a lot of cool stuff!

    I really love the Beatles shirt!

  2. Loveeee the necklace and the collared shirt from Primark! Great items(:


  3. That Beatles shirt is lovely, doesn't look Primarky like some of their tees can! I'll have to keep my eyes open for it next time I'm in store. And I so nearly bought that duvet cover the other week, it's so nice, good taste :)

    1. I was so happy with the duvet cover, it's so cute! Thank you x

  4. The lace collar blouse and satchel are so pretty! Great finds x

  5. Ah you got some fab pieces hun! The lace collar blouse is so beautiful and feminine looking! <3 I need to get these sheets now haha! :)


    1. Thank you! You should definitely get them, can't complain for just £9! Xx

  6. you got some really cool stuff <3

  7. That necklace and bag are so lovely, I love all the pretty, cheap things you can get at Primark :)
    Daniella x

    1. Yeah it's so good, they're really on trend at the moment though, so impressed!Xx

  8. Love the pattern on the bed sheets - Went out and got some myself :)

    1. Aw yay! I'm really happy that my post encouraged someone to buy something wooo :) x