Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - 010 Light Porcelain ♡

A few months ago, after many failed attempts at finding the perfect drugstore foundation, I decided to give up and settle on using mineral powder foundations. However, a few weeks ago, during a 'free delivery' offer on the Superdrug website, I decided to try out the new Rimmel foundation, Match Perfection.

The main thing that drew me to this foundation was the fact that it is really pale; which is something that I can rarely find in drugstore foundations. The shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone, and hides all patches of redness on my skin.

The Promise

'A match so perfect, it's undetectable in any light! Light Perfecting radiance foundation. Traceless coverage and perfectly flawless skin under any light Lasts all day. SPF 18.''

Firstly, I completely agree with the fact that the foundation lasts all day. This is such an important quality for me especially since I have school all day and every few days I work all night, so it is essential for my foundation to last and keep my skin looking flawless!
The coverage is fantastic, and the consistency is thin, yet not watery! 
I apply this foundation using my Real Techniques foundation brush, and it blends into the skin so nicely! I still use concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection) with this, as I need some extra attention on the dark circles underneath my eyes. It is really easily buildable and doesn't give a caked effect at all. It is such an everyday essential and I adore using it!


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  1. Thank you so much for this review!
    I wasn't sure if this is really a good foundation because I have no possibility to test it myself (I live in Germany), but you sound very convincing!^^


    1. Aw no problem! Yeah I love it! Thank you for reading xx