Friday, 29 March 2013

New Ear Piercings! | Forward Helix & Second Lobes ♡

After months and months of scrolling through Tumblr looking at pretty ear piercings, I finally plucked up the courage to go and get some myself. 

I had wanted my second lobe piercings for a really long time, as I got my first lobe piercings when I was around 7 years old and I always thought that just one set of lobe piercings looked a bit boring. I love having two piercings here now as I can wear more than one pretty pair of earrings! My seconds have been pierced with small silver studs, they're so cute! This piercing did not hurt at all, especially as it is done with a gun so it lasts for about a minute in total.

Forward helix is a piercing that I had never really seen anyone with. I had seen all of the gorgeous images of them on Tumblr, however nobody I know has this. I got this pierced minutes before getting my second lobes done! This is pierced with a needle, so as you can imagine this process is a bit longer, however it only took around 3 minutes at the most. Honestly, it hurt a bit more than I expected but I guess that is different for everyone. It's so so pretty and I love it so much!

(About an hour after getting them pierced)

(Today, 2 days after getting them pierced)

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  1. Hi Laura!
    I was thinking of getting mine pierced and googling for more info when I came across your blog - yours looks like its healing so well! How much does the healing process hurt and whats the best way of cleaning it?
    Thanks! (:

    1. Hello! Yeah it is healing quite well, just bleeding a little bit every now and again. The healing process isn't very painful at all really, you just have to be a bit careful that you don't catch it with your hair or that you don't sleep on that side of your head too much.
      For cleaning, you can use salt water and little cotton buds to just clean away any blood or anything! X