Friday, 8 March 2013

First Thoughts: Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub ♡

The Breakfast Scrub is a product that I have lusted after for such a long time due to the amount of fantastic reviews written about it and how many beauty vloggers on Youtube talk about it! Despite how much I wanted this product, I could never quite warrant spending £9.50 on a body scrub. However, Boots are currently running a fab 3 for 2 offer on loads of products including the Soap & Glory range, so I ended up getting it as part of a really good deal!

I need to point out that I have only used this product once. All of my views and opinions are based on one use!

Firstly, I absolutely love the packaging! The colours and fonts used on all Soap & Glory products are always really nice, it's one of the things I like most about their products. I also feel like the size of the tub is really good, like it feels like it was worth the money.

The smell is one of the main things about this product that makes it so famous. The very first time I smelt it, I honestly wasn't keen. This is probably due to the fact I don't like coffee scents, and that is what the smell reminds me of. I think that the smell has grown on me though, it is very sweet and sugary. When using this in the shower, the smell just reminded me of breakfast and coffee, which i'm guessing is how it got the name 'The Breakfast Scrub.'

The packaging reads 'oat, shea butter and sugar body smoother with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond & honey extracts.' I adore the fact it contains such fresh and natural ingredients, as I like the thought of all of the natural ingredients working wonders on my skin.

I used this body scrub after shaving my legs (...was that too much information?) and I loved the way my skin felt afterwards! It felt so soft and rejuvenated. The packaging reccommends using a body lotion or moisturiser after using this product, however me being the lazy person that I am, didn't bother. Even without using a moisturiser or body lotion afterwards, my skin was noticeably softer than usual after using The Breakfast Scrub, so I am very happy and I will continue to use this product often!


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