Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tag: 20 Favourite Things!♡

Hi everyone,
                   Today I am doing another tag because I'm still quite new to blogging and I like using tags as a way to help people reading my blog feel like they know more about me! 

1. Colour - Either burgundy or white. I love how fresh and clean the colour white is!

2. Dessert - Lemon sorbet. It's so refreshing, especially in the summer!

3. Smell - Either mango, vanilla or my current favourite perfume, Calvin Klein Shock.

4. Flower - Roses or Lillies.

5. Animal - I can't decide between cats and dogs! Giraffes are really cute too.

6. Month - July. All exams are over, the weather's getting warmer and everyone is off school and on the beach and it's great.

7. Beverage - The Mango fruit smoothie cooler thing from Starbucks.

8. Shoes - I'd absolutely love to own a pair of white lace litas! But unfortunately, I don't :(
9. Snack - Pretzels!

10. Song/s - I have so many favourite songs! Two of my definite favourites are Live Forever by Oasis and Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.

11. Book - The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

12. Fruit - I would say mango, but I can only have it in juice form so probably apple.

13. Hairstyle - Waterfall braid! It looks so gorgeous on long wavy hair, however I have not managed to master it yet :(

14. Piece/s of clothing - My favourite piece of clothing is my leather jacket from Topshop. It goes with so many different outfits and I have worn it so many times, definitely worth the money!

15. Stores to shop - I love Republic but there isn't one in my town. :( I also love MAC but there isn't one of those either (which is probably a good thing as I would never have any money!)

16. Season - I always change my mind about this, but at the moment my favourite season is definitely summer. Everyone is in better spirits and you can go out more often and stay out on summer evenings, it's lovely.

17. Hobby -

18. Things to collect - I love collecting physical copies of CD's and gig tickets from gigs I have been to.

19. Movie - Nowhere Boy!

20. Restaurant - I don't really eat in restaurants very often because I don't really like it, but the my favourite restaurant I have eaten in is Red Hot World Buffet, if that counts as a restaurant...

So there it is, the '20 Favourite Things Tag' completed!
I tag everyone


  1. Lovely tag <3

  2. "8. Shoes - I'd absolutely love to own a pair of white lace litas! But unfortunately, I don't :(" YOU DO NOW, THANKS TO ME ;-) I'm such a fab friend, really xxx