Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Rock 'N Rose Wishlist!♡

Hi everyone,

I've been really loving the jewellery on Rock 'N Rose at the moment and I have seen so many good reviews of their products, i'm so desperate to order some items! However, as I don't think it's possible for my purse to shrink any smaller, this is my wishlist..

I absolutely love The Beatles, so this Lennon bracelet is perfect for me! I think it's so cute and simple. Plus, it's reduced from £11 to £8 in the sale.!

I think this bronze wishbone necklace is so pretty. I have some earrings exactly like this from River Island. I love the simplicity of just the chain and the wishbone charm. This necklace is down from £14 to £11 in the sale.

One of the main reasons I want this ear cuff is because I could wear it so often! It's only small but it adds an extra edgy element to a look (plus, i'm too much of a wimp to get anything other than my ear lobes pierced so this is a substitute for a pretty ear piercing). This is just £6!

This little locket bracelet is so cute! I really like the raspberry coloured leather band as it looks so girly and pretty. Once again, I love the simplicity of this item. This is £11. 

I really like blouses that come with decorated collars, but I had never really considered buying collar tips before - Until I saw these two pairs on the Rock 'N Rose website. They are so lovely and add an extra something to a plain blouse. The stags are £18 and the gold triangular collar tips are £16.

This bracelet is placed at the very top of my wishlist, I really love it. The band reads 'C'Est La Vie - Whatever will be will be' which I think is such a lovely quote and I like the way it is engraved on the vintage style band. This costs £14 - I really want this!!


Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and as always, feel free to leave a comment with any feedback!

Laura X


  1. That little lock bracelet is lovely <3. I love little bracelets like that.

    Now following from the bloggers chat (@glampire_x)