Friday, 28 December 2012

My Favourite Winter Lip Products!♡

In the winter I am a huge fan of bold, dark lip colours such as red and vampy berry colours. However, I also think that a nude lip can look great in winter, especially with a dressed down outfit like an oversized jumper, leggings and a scarf. During winter it is very important for me to take care of my lips by using moisturising products to help prevent and protect my lips from splitting and cracking, hence why this post will feature products that are both moisturising and provide a significant amount of colour and shine to the lips.

Elf Matte Lip Colour - Rich Red

I bought this product during a promotion on the ELF website, and due to the rather low price (£3.75) I wasn't expecting miracles from the product, but after using it a few times I am very pleasantly surprised!

As you can see by the bottom image, the lip colour is highly pigmented and gives a chic matte finish. A matte finish is perfect in order to create a really bold lip colour that stands out.
The shade of lip colour is 'Rich Red', which obviously gets it's name from the deep magenta and red colours of the lip stain.
This lip colour looks especially great when teamed with an outfit containing lots of dark winter colours such as navy, black and grey. It also looks great when teamed with a subtle dark eye look, as the dark lips really draw in lots of attention.
Overall, this is a perfect winter lip colour as it is a striking berry colour that can add extra definition to any outfit or make up look. The packaging is easy to use and easily transportable, which makes it easier for application on the go.

You can buy this product here.

Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick - Baby Baby

Having owned this product for a while, I had never really used it properly until the start of this winter. The moisturising powers of this lipstick really appealed to me and proved very helpful during the cold weather. It provides quite a sheer pale colour, however it is easily buildable and gives the lips a beautiful shimmer.

This lipstick has a very creamy and moisturising consistency, as shown in the third and fourth pictures. The product feels very soft on the lips and definitely makes them feel more moisturised.
It gives quite a sheer coverage however it is easily buildable and can create a very noticeable pink shine with flecks of gold and silver.
I especially like this lipstick during the winter as it is moisturising for my lips, helping to protect and prevent them from cracking. Also, it requires no "special application", meaning it is easy to take with you when you go out and apply on the go.

This product no longer appears on the Boots website. However, it is available to purchase here.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Although this differs from the other lip products in this post due to the fact it is an everyday lip balm with no pigment, it is definitely one of my favourite lip products to use in the winter.

Firstly, the smell of this product is absolutely amazing. As soon as the lid is removed from the product, there is a strong smell of indulgent cocoa butter, which often tempts me to try and eat the lip balm off my lips. (it does not taste as nice as it smells)
The packaging allows the product to be easily transportable, meaning it is very easy to throw this little lip balm in your handbag and apply at any point in the day.
The balm moisturises your lips fantastically and prevents them from common winter problems such as wind-burn and chapped lips.
The product is very inexpensive and also lasts for a long time, so it is great value for money. This is a product that should always have a space in your handbag during the cold winter months.

This product is available in most high street pharmacies. You can buy it here for £1.29.

MAC lipstick- Hot Tahiti

Having previously written about this product in a post yesterday, I don't really know what more to say.

Just like I said yesterday, it is the perfect winter berry colour that can be used to add heaps of definition to dull outfits and make up looks. It has a creamy and moisturising consistency, which is especially important during the winter.

You can buy this product here.


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Feel free to comment with any feedback or suggestions you may have on any ways I can improve or any recommendations for products that I should try!!


  1. You should try the Clinique chubby stick (although a bit pricey!) but its very moisturising and I love them! Bourjois colour boost is perfect dupe for the chubby stick, I cant stope wearing either! xx

    1. Ooooh thank you, i've actually been after a bourjois colour boost for a while!Xx